F I N I S H I N G 

We happily supply our products in their raw material form but for the best look or protection of a product we recommend using one of the following finishes we provide. 



Any material we work with can be painted to achieve the desired look but it is usually reserved for mild steel jobs where a degree of rust protection is needed. Fairly cost effective finish but will need future painting if exposed to the elements. We will also give every job galvanised undercoat before the top layer of paint. 

Powder Coating 

Again, can be used with any material to achieve the desired look. Huge range of RAL colours to choose from. Better finish than paint and much harder wearing. Excellent protection from rust when used with mild steel. Can be finished to a gloss satin or matt finish depending on the costumers preference. 


Hot dip galvanising is reserved for protecting mild steel by coating it in a layer of zinc. Very hard wearing, usually reserved for outdoor applications. Can look good as a more industrial finish to a job. 

Stainless Steel Polishing 

Stainless steel can be a beautiful material when well finished. There are many levels that it can be polished to depending upon the look or application it is being used for, anything from a light dull finish to fully mirrored can be achieved on most stainless jobs. 

 Please do not hesitate to call us on 0161 480 8928 to discuss what finish would be best for your job. 

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